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lipstikmusician's Journal

Female Musicians, What The Fuck Else?
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Are you a female musician?
Are you a bitch, outspoken and damn proud of who you are?

Well, then, I think you had better give this community a look!

The rules are simple...

1) To get in, you must be allowed in by the maintainer. Sounds simple, right? Well, not exactly...bitching is allowed. Whining and nagging in an attempt to get into the community is not. Please be civil.

2) To be a member, you must be in must_be_pop for at least one week. Please do not ask to be in here otherwise.

2) Once in the community, remember, no harrasment of any kind is allowed. On first offense, you will be banned.

Okay, that's about all. Female musicians, the forum is yours....