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I want to be one of you

I know I'm not a girl, but I'm really girly. Ask anyone in the band. I'm the boy that loves to dress up, hates when people Benji are messy in "my area" of the bus and above all that I can color coordinate. I have lots of feelings and I'm man enough to cry. Courtney was a fabulous doll and let me in. I don't want to inhibit anyone so if any of you girls feel like you can't be yourselves or feel censored just because of my presence, let me know and I'll take leave. I don't want to weigh anyone down.

So lets see. I want to get married someday. That'd be really cool. I want to have a nice family and I think I've found the right lady to do it with although right now we're having some problems. I hope it will all work out in the end because I love her dearly.

Now for some opinions? Is Lifetime really representative of what you ladies think women are about? I know there is that, Oxygen and another one, WOW I think. I kind of think the programming is crummy. So I guess that's kind of a stupid male question, but I wanted to know anyway.

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